- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Rep. Maxine Waters took to Twitter to rage against the failure of her folks on the left to properly push forward the money needed to keep the free market from freely evicting those who won’t pay to stay, and in so doing, unwittingly, revealed all that’s evil about the Democrats.

They can’t — won’t — acknowledge properly placed, constitutionally stamped limits on the power of government.

“I don’t buy that the CDC can’t extend the eviction moratorium — something it has already done in the past! Who is going to stop them? Who is going to penalize them? There is no official ruling,” Waters tweeted, “saying that they cannot extend this moratorium. C’mon CDC — have a heart! Just do it!”

In other words: If a limit to government is not explicitly stated, well then, government can assume it holds the power in question. Is that it?

To the Democrats, yes.

To the Democrats, who’ve been infiltrated and corrupted by communist and collectivist interests — the Constitution is what they say it means. 

“Who is going to stop them?” — as Waters might say. As Waters did in fact say, about her pressing for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to bypass Congress, forget about Congress, fuhgettaboutit all, and simply extend the moratorium on tossing out rent-dodgers. The CDC speaks! Americans must obey.

After all, our electoral system is already one short hop, skip and jump away from banana republic. Why not do away with the duly elected altogether and let the Washington insiders and political pawns issue orders and decrees?

The Constitution is supposed to spell the limits placed on government, with the unstated belonging in the hands of the people.

Waters and her ilk — her socialist, Democrat, collectivist ilk — all see the Constitution as the opposite: a document that limits the people and buoys the government. And boy has the government buoyed. This is how the left has successfully sold border control as racist; tax-paid health care as a human right; and critical race theory as proper public education.

They’ve expanded their powers by ignoring the limits of the Constitution. And they’ve done it with a devil-may-care toss of the head because they know the law and order types, the limited government types, the America First, traditional family, hard-working patriotic American types — they know all those of conservative mind and Judeo-Christian principle can only go to court so many times. They know courts can only hear so many cases. They know their political enemies can only win court cases so many times.

Mostly, they know that pushing, pushing, pushing and never-ending pushing will one day, eventually, soon enough and by mathematical certainty give their side a win. And another win. And another and another until the ball has moved so far down the field to the left, even socialism starts to seem and feel like capitalism. Even redistributions of wealth pass the smell test of a free market.

This is the evil of the left.

This is the never-ending, never-dying, committed-at-all-costs evil genius — evil determination — of the left. One day, America, they say, will fall. One day, America, they insist, will crumble and bow to communism.

“Who is going to penalize them?” — the likes of Waters will crow jubilantly, on that one day.

Those aren’t just words tweeted in a rush of regular liberal do-goodism.

Those are words that light up the left’s entire playbook — which is to release all restraints, no matter how lawfully placed, and go for the bold to break the Constitution.

This is how they fight.

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