- The Washington Times - Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Conservative lawyers alleging President Trump was the victim of an unproven election fraud conspiracy are calling on him to deploy the U.S. military over his projected defeat to Joseph R. Biden.

Sidney Powell, a former member of the Trump reelection campaign’s legal team, shared a post from her popular Twitter account Monday recommending the race be reviewed by military tribunals.

L. Lin Wood, Ms. Powell’s co-counsel in lawsuits she filed challenging the results of the election in Georgia and Michigan, said Tuesday that Mr. Trump “should declare martial law,” meanwhile.

Each of their posts on the social media platform came as Mr. Trump and his defenders continue to allege without evidence that his loss was the result of fraud and that he was not really beaten.

Voting in the presidential race ended Nov. 3, and multiple news outlets began calling it for Mr. Biden on Nov. 7. Weeks later, however, Mr. Trump has yet to admit defeat.

Ms. Powell, who had been identified as a lawyer for the Trump campaign until Nov. 22, has since filed lawsuits with Mr. Wood in Georgia and Michigan alleging the elections there were flawed.

The post on Twitter that Ms. Powell shared, or retweeted, urged Mr. Trump to use the Insurrection Act of 1807, which empowers the president to deploy U.S. troops domestically in rare circumstances.

It also urged Mr. Trump to suspend the upcoming electoral college vote that will cement his loss and to immediately set up military tribunals to resolve purported “cyber warfare” issues at hand.

Shared with her more than one million Twitter followers, the tweet Ms. Powell posted on Twitter also said Mr. Trump should postpone Inauguration Day next month, “until this issue is resolved.”

Mr. Wood subsequently recommended Mr. Trump declare martial law in a tweet of his own which referred to an online article that suggests having the U.S. military “oversee a national re-vote.”

Each of the lawsuits filed in federal court in Georgia and Michigan alleges Mr. Trump was the victim of “massive election fraud.” No evidence has emerged to corroborate that serious claim, however.

Instead, the lawyers have cited a range of debunked, discredited or unproven claims and conspiracy theories, such as that ballots cast for Mr. Trump were purportedly “switched” to be for Mr. Biden.

Dominion Voting Systems, a manufacturer of election infrastructure mentioned in the lawsuits but not listed as a defendant, said some of the claims they make about its products are “impossible.”

Election and security experts from across the public and private sectors have also said they saw no evidence to suggest voting systems used recently were compromised in any way.

Inauguration Day is Jan. 20, 2021.

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