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Alexa, how do we get competition?

When Democrats rule D.C., you have to hand it to them. They know how to take care of their fellow Democrats. When Republicans rule D.C., they take care of the Democrats, too.

Amazon is a left-wing company. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, is a noted lefty. Amazon recently kicked out the conservative group Alliance Defending Freedom from its AmazonSmile charitable program. The program allows customers to contribute a small portion of their purchase price to a nonprofit.Now Amazon stands to benefit from a multibillion-dollar contract to put much of the Pentagon’s data on the cloud of a single contractor.

What could possibly go wrong?

Mr. Bezos bought The Washington Post and has turned that old rag into the leading voice of the “Resistance.” Hysterically crying “Democracy dies in darkness,” The Post is willing to regurgitate any anti-Trump talking point.

The Pentagon project has been estimated to be worth $10 billion. Even in Washington terms, that is a significant chunk of change.

Perhaps the Pentagon should simply buy an Alexa and ask it a simple question. Who besides Amazon could provide the Pentagon with cloud computing services? The question is not a hard one. IBM would love to do that. Oracle would love to do that. Microsoft would love to do that. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, would also like in on that action. There are four competitors right there for a bid.

Perhaps the Pentagon should buy a Google Assistant and ask for help with competition.

Why would the Trump administration reward Mr. Bezos and Amazon? Hillary Clinton would have done that but Hillary Clinton did not win the election. And as Barack Obama reminded Republicans in 2009, “Elections have consequences.”

President Trump has ripped Amazon for its practices, which he claims are costing taxpayers money. He referred to Amazon’s use of the post office as a “scam.”

Mr. Trump has accused Amazon of not paying the actual costs for shipping through the post office. If Amazon is defrauding the U.S. Postal Service, why is there even any consideration to allow it to have a monopoly on Pentagon cloud storage?

Perhaps the Trump administration is thinking that with Amazon, whose web services are considered very good by those in the computing industry, they are getting the best protection for the sensitive data of the Pentagon.

According to The Wall St. Journal, Amazon is selling the very same software and cloud computing technology to the Chinese government. China is legendary for reverse engineering or simply stealing Western technology. What will it do since it has the same technology that the Pentagon wants to use.

No longer do Americans have to merely worry about Alexa cackling like Hillary Clinton, we might have to worry the Chinese now have the military codes to start a new war.

There are two things liberals never care about: National security and competition.

Didn’t Donald Trump write “The Art of the Deal?” Did Donald Trump ever take a no-bid, no competition contract on one of his buildings?

Why should the government take a no-bid, no-competition contract on something this big, and more importantly, something this crucial to our national defense?

Judson Phillips is the founder of Tea Party Nation (Teapartynation.com).

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