- The Washington Times - Friday, February 9, 2018

A former State Department official has confirmed that he played middleman in relaying anti-Trump smut from two Hillary Clinton operatives to dossier writer Christopher Steele who passed it to the FBI.

It is a further thickening of the plot by Democratic Party agents to get unverified dossier material into the news media and the Obama Justice Department before election day Nov. 8.

Jonathan M. Winer, who was former secretary state John Kerry’s special envoy to Libya and his Senate adviser, disclosed the the behind-the-scenes get-Trump operation in a Washington Post op-ed.

Mr. Winer confirmed a redacted Senate report released on Tuesday that said information on candidate Trump flowed between Mr. Steele and Clinton operatives, with Mr. Winer as the middleman.

Mr. Steele, a former British spy, wrote the anti-Trump dossier with money provided by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, through Fusion GPS.

The Hillary Clinton agents are Sidney Blumenthal, a well-known fierce Clinton defender and freelance intelligence gatherer, and his collaborator, Cody Shearer.

Mr. Winer’s disclosures mean that, not only was the Hillary Clinton campaign paying Mr. Steele, but her loyalists were also providing raw intelligence that got incorporated into the Steele dossier and went to the FBI.

Mr. Winer said he shared the dossier charges in a two-page summary with career diplomat Victoria Nuland who said she planned to share it with Mr. Kerry.

The Senate document, prepared by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, Iowa Republican, said two reports came from State (apparently Mr. Winer) to Mr. Steele from Blumenthal-Shearer. Their source was a “foreign-sub-source.”

Mr. Steele paid intermediaries to collect his unverified attacks from Kremlin sources on Mr. Trump and associates.